Minimize OPEX and maximize production and recovery

ICDs can help delay water/gas breakthrough and improve production in horizontal wells. But not all ICDs are created equal. Many have reliability issues and it's driving up your OPEX. It's also costing you production.

EQUALIZER™ ICDs create the flow behavior that maximizes drainage from your specific reservoir—and they are built to last. Dependable designs deliver long-term, reliable performance so you can prolong well life and improve recovery. And you can install EQUALIZER devices 50% faster than the standard deployment approach by combining them with our patented multi-tasking valve.

Not all ICDs are created equal. Only one has over 160,000 installations with a 99% field reliability record in to back it up.

Contact us today to learn which EQUALIZER ICD can help you cut costs and improve recovery in your next application.

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EQUALIZER LIFT Autonomous Inflow Control Device

EQUALIZER LIFT™ Autonomous Inflow Control Device

Improve production and minimize gas handling costs and risks

EQUALIZER JET Stimulation Flow Control Device

EQUALIZER JET™ Stimulation Flow Control Device

Cut liner deployment time in half and improve acid stimulation in carbonates

EQUALIZER SELECT Autonomous Inflow Control Device

EQUALIZER SELECT™ Autonomous Inflow Control Device

Adapt to changing fluid properties to enhance production volume and quality

EQUALIZER HELIX Inflow Control Device

EQUALIZER HELIX™ Inflow Control Device

Delay water breakthrough and increase production in high-rate gas wells



Boost recovery from existing wells by installing ICDs post-completion

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