About Baker Hughes

Global Operations

The Baker Hughes Global Operations organization is divided into nine geomarkets and includes our Integrated Operations and Sales groups. The scale and scope of Global Operations provides a wide range of opportunities for qualified graduates who aspire to work in the field, directly interacting with customers and understanding and delivering on their requirements.

Our ability to perform drives our customers’ success, and in turn, allows our company to flourish. To meet our commitments to customers, we focus intensely on flawless and repeatable wellsite execution, innovative thinking, and sales acumen.

There is no tolerance for being less than the best in every market, particularly in markets that matter to our future growth. As a result, execution performance and compliance with our standards of operations are being carefully monitored.

Underpinning all of this is our commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) and to conducting business ethically and in full compliance with laws and regulations. Safety is always our No. 1 priority, and we are proud to an HSE leader in our industry.

Product innovation remains our core foundation. Every product developed and every dollar spent is examined with rigor. It has to “Earn the Right” – that’s what we call our disciplined approach to funding all activities. We are also creating new ways of approaching the market through direct sales of products and services.

Baker Hughes Global Operations employees will benefit from unparalleled technical training with assessments to enable them to demonstrate their passion to “Earn the Right” to be part of Baker Hughes. Each employee will be expected to understand and execute on their accountabilities.

Global Operations leaders are fully committed to ensuring Baker Hughes is recognized as the innovator that executes better than any other company.

Products and Technology

Our customers need to optimize production and increase the recovery of oil and gas at the lowest possible cost. With more than a century of experience, Baker Hughes is uniquely positioned to deliver the products and services that will help them succeed.

Broad, in-depth expertise enables us to bring better solutions to the market more quickly as we align increasingly to our customers’ needs. Our technology activities encompass five key themes:

Molecular science - modeling and designing at microstructural, molecular, atomic, and nuclear scales, with research activities focused on performance-enhancing designer and smart materials

Virtualization and automation - networking of physical objects, data visualization and analytics, embedding intelligence in downhole tools, real-time modeling, and automation and autocorrecting systems

Subsurface intelligence - to understand the reservoir; forecast production, reduce costs, and mitigate risks throughout the hydrocarbon lifecycle

Water and environmental science - for sustainable development of energy resources

Advanced manufacturing technologies - from additive manufacturing and application of specific integrated circuits, to in-situ, downhole fabrication of components and nano-manufacturing methods.

Supply Chain

Supply chain within Baker Hughes is a multinational team in our manufacturing and supply chain facilities who deliver products and services to our customers in more than 80 countries. This team is responsible for the integration of supply and demand management across the company which includes providing the following strategies and services to our customer in the most timely and efficient method:

  • planning and forecasting the short and long-term demand of our raw materials or services
  • negotiating with suppliers, third-party service providers, and customers to buy raw materials, components, and services at the highest quality, lowest cost, and least amount of lead-time
  • transforming raw materials into products and services needed for our customers
  • distributing the raw materials or finished product from our suppliers to our customers or from our manufacturing facilities to our customers in the most cost effective and compliant manner

Information Technology

Information technology is an essential part of daily life and a key enabler for our business – customers trust us to deliver the critical systems and services they depend on, and to respond quickly when issues arise.

IT systems & services - Our activities here are aimed at simplifying processes and systems to accelerate the capability of our fellow workers, enabling communication at all times, protecting data and delivering essential information and services.

Remote operation services - Our goal is to become our customers’ partner of choice for digital oilfield solutions, and we aspire to be the industry's leading information utility for real-time remote monitoring and data analytics. Activities include providing oilfield-standard interoperability to aggregate and visualize live data from multiple service providers; delivering high availability, service reliability, data privacy, web scalability and field-to-cloud deployment.

Technical software - Sophisticated technical software helps us differentiate our business, so in this area you could be involved in helping to optimize, integrate and modernise the Baker Hughes portfolio. Our intention is to grow an industry-leading software development organization and become an industry- recognized exploration and production software provider by 2020.

The value of fresh ideas to Baker Hughes is paramount. It’s all about talented people thinking big and innovating with every opportunity.

Toby J Begnaud - Vice President, North America – South