Opportunities for graduates

Our graduate opportunities vary depending on your discipline and the country where you join, but they all offer talented people the benefit of unparalleled technical training and competitive reward.

High achievers can also expect to progress quickly in our learning culture, and to know that their progression will be directly linked to their workplace achievements.

Products and Technology

Research Design and Development Engineering

Technology solutions are our legacy and our lifeblood. Our products, services and workflows continually improve the economics of constructing wells; accelerate and assure production; and drive higher ultimate hydrocarbon recovery in conventional, unconventional, deepwater, and mature-field markets.

We offer opportunities for graduates to join us as Research, Design and Development Engineers, ideal for those with a passion for technology and a desire to build their career in an engineering or scientific field. Read more >

Artificial Lift Systems

The Artificial Lift Systems product line is part of the Baker Hughes Products and Technology organization. The product line maximizes production from oil wells through a combination of unmatched products, services, system design, and engineering and field support for the artificial lift market. We offer an 18-month rotational development program to build a strong foundation and breadth of knowledge in the Artificial Lift business. Read more >

Downstream Chemicals Account Representatives

Our Downstream Chemicals organization provides services and chemical programs to our customers to increase their production and improve plant safety and equipment reliability.

We offer opportunities for individuals with a technical background coupled with a strong desire to identify and meet customer needs, to join us as Account Representatives. You must be enthusiastic about building strong customer relationships, as well as eager to work hands-on collecting and analyzing field samples. Read more >

Global Operations – Field Engineers and Field Specialists

Our global operations involve us in every aspect of oil and gas recovery, ranging from reservoir consultancy and software to field development and management services. Activities stretch from well construction – incorporating drilling services, drill bits and completions – to well production, where we provide customers with integrated artificial lift and pressure pumping solutions, and production optimization chemicals.

We offer two opportunities, which are Field Engineer positions with unparalleled technical training opportunities, for those who wish to become jobsite leaders in field operations; and Field Specialist roles, for practical people who want to work in the field and who are open to learning diverse technical skills.

Supply Chain

Supply chain within Baker Hughes is a multinational team in our manufacturing and supply chain facilities who deliver products and services to our customers in more than 80 countries.

We offer two opportunities which are: A 1 year technical fast-track program for graduates who aspire to develop specialist knowledge in one or more dimensions of the Supply Chain profession and A 2.5 year leadership program to create future leaders for the function. Read more >

Information Technology

Information technology is an essential part of daily life and a key enabler for our business – customers trust us to deliver the critical systems and services they depend on, and to respond quickly when issues arise.

We offer a 27 month IT Rotational Program which consists of three 9-month rotations for graduates to build a strong foundation and breadth of knowledge in this important Function Read more >

New thinking is important to Baker Hughes because it enables innovations that were previously unimaginable. It’s about more than just turning problems into solutions; it’s about keeping the lights turned on around the world.

Trey Clark - Vice President, Process & Pipeline Services