A newly designed DuraMax motor to target 7 7/8-in. sections

If your drilling operations need speed, then they need Baker Hughes DuraMax™ high-performance downhole motors.

The completely redesigned DuraMax motors represent the most rugged, reliable, and powerful motors available today. With DuraMax motors, you can:

  • Drill the curve and long lateral in one fast run
  • Push weight-on-bit (WOB) and achieve higher build-up rates
  • Mitigate motor failures and reduce nonproductive time (NPT)

In the Rockies, the 5 1/8-in. DuraMax motor is drilling the fastest laterals to date and its performance in the southeast has made it the most-requested motor by customers. Or check out the case histories to the right to see how the motor’s performance in the field speaks for itself in the Permian and Williston basins.

And that’s just the beginning. Initial runs of newly designed 7 1/8-in. DuraMax motors are drilling 65% faster than any other motors in the same formations — promising to continue this winning streak in 8 1/2-in. and 8 3/4-in. sections.

Talk to your Baker Hughes representative or one of our drilling motor experts to learn how the DuraMax motors can help your wells with maximum efficiency and effectiveness−in fewer days, and with lower drilling costs.


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