2017 Houston Offshore Technology Conference


Baker Hughes is bringing the energy of innovation to OTC! This year, we’re spotlighting:

  • A new drill bit technology capable of adapting on the fly to changing downhole environments
  • A first-of-its-kind service that takes an unconventional approach to deepwater reservoir stimulation
  • A novel ESP alternative deployment approach that reduces costs and improves system reliability

We’ll be discussing these and other innovative technologies daily.




DEEPFRAC Deepwater Multistage Fracturing Service

The DEEPFRAC™ deepwater multistage fracturing service cuts completion times and enables stimulation of 20+ stages in a single trip to minimize OPEX and maximize reservoir contact.

TerrAdapt Adaptive Drill Bit

TerrAdapt Adaptive Drill Bit

The TerrAdapt™ adaptive drill bit adjusts depth-of-cut to mitigate stick slip and impact damage on the fly—with no intervention from surface.

Kymera Xtreme

Kymera XTreme Hybrid Drill Bit

The Kymera™ XTreme hybrid drill bit combines the industry’s most advanced hybrid bit designs, customized application guidelines, and improved durability to reduce drilling costs.

FTeX Advanced Formation Pressure Testing Service

FTeX Advanced Formation Pressure Testing Service

Our FTeX™ advanced formation pressure testing service delivers reliable and accurate pressure data by combining downhole automation with real-time control.

Integrity eXplorer

Integrity eXplorer™ Cement Evaluation Service

Ensure the quality of your cement bond, regardless of weight or contamination.

Drilling and Completion Fluids

Drilling and Completion Fluids

Our novel and industry-leading oil-based muds deliver the kind of customizable performance to help you successfully deliver your well, regardless of environment and application.

Cementing Services

Cementing Services

Optimized cement systems and automated mixing equipment enable safer slurries that match well conditions with minimized rig time. Ensure well integrity and proper zonal isolation.

TeleCoil Intelligent Coiled Tubing Services

TeleCoil Intelligent Coiled Tubing Services

TeleCoil™ intelligent coiled tubing services reduce job-time and accelerate well recovery in all major interventions.

Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems

SureSENS SPTV Gauge System

The SureSENS™ SPTV electronic permanent downhole monitoring system delivers critical data on wellbore pressure, temperature, and vibration—supporting efforts to increase ESP run life and optimize production.

Permanent Downhole Monitoring Systems

SureSENS QPT ELITE Gauge System

The SureSENS™ QPT ELITE gauge for permanent downhole installations measures static and dynamic pressures and temperatures while introducing a step change in reliability and accuracy.

TransCoil Rigless-Deployed Coiled Tubing ESP System

TransCoil Rigless-deployed ESP System

The TransCoil™ rigless-deployed electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system delivers all the production and reserve recovery enhancements of a traditional ESP while eliminating the need for a rig during installation.

Artificial Lift

Artificial Lift

You can count on our integrated artificial lift solutions to maximize your production thanks to the combination of our unmatched design, service, and support.

Centrilift PASS

CENtrilift PASS Slimline ESP System

The CENtrilift PASS™ slimline ESP system allows operators to maximize the value of small-diameter wells, and wells with completion designs requiring a smaller-diameter ESP system.


FASTrak LWD Fluid Analysis Sampling and Testing Service

Acquire and analyze reservoir fluid properties in real time.

GaugePro™ Echo on-command digital reamer

GaugePro™ Echo On-command Digital Reamer

Control it. Confirm it. Ream it. With superior speed and reliability.

EQUALIZER Inflow Control Devices

EQUALIZER Inflow Control Devices

EQUALIZER™ ICDs create the flow behavior that maximizes drainage from your specific reservoir—and they are built to last.


FieldPulse™ Analytics Software

Real-time production monitoring and model-based predictive analytics for the digital oilfield.

Remote Operations Services

Remote Operations Services

Reduce risk and improve performance with real-time monitoring, data management, and data visualization.


Chemical Solutions for Near-Wellbore Damage

Baker Hughes chemicals for near-wellbore damage help improve well productivity by delivering a cost-effective solution to combat restricted flow caused by paraffin, asphaltenes, scale, and emulsions.


Deepwater Subsea-Qualified Chemicals

Our FATHOM™ XT certification process ensures chemical cleanliness and system compatibility standards are met for offshore operating conditions.


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