Baker Hughes Integrated Well Abandonment Services deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that combine proven technologies and expertise—backed by competent job planning and execution—to help you maximize efficiency and ensure safe, reliable, and cost-effective operations. Partnering with a dedicated team that understands your challenges, ranging from economics to time constraints, can transform the burden of P&A into a seamless, final step in your well's life cycle.

Contact us and let us design an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective end-of-well solution for your next P&A operation.

Technology Feature

Integrity Explorer Featured

No Rig? No Problem
Remove casing and conductors cost-effectively with the Baker Hughes Retriever™ jacking unit system.

Rigless. Lightweight and modular, the unit occupies a small platform footprint and saves mobilizing a full-size rig.

Reliable. New equipment, certified and tested, lowers NPT and fosters safer working conditions.

Resourceful.Fit-for-purpose smart design has its own independent power supply and ample pulling capacity.

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Featured Technologies

Process and Pipeline Services

Integrity eXplorer™

Cement Evaluation Service

Process and Pipeline Services

Process and Pipeline Services

Decommission your asset safely and efficiently

METAL MUNCHER Advanced Milling Technology

METAL MUNCHER™ Advanced Milling Technology

Delivers improved efficiency for your P&A and slot recovery operations

Wellhead Abandonment Straddle Packer

Wellhead Abandonment Straddle Packer

Isolate multiple annuli in one trip

Mastiff Rigless Intervention System

Mastiff™ Rigless Intervention System

Perform efficient abandonment and casing removal operations without the need for a rig

Project Management

Project Management

Achieve a simplified, streamlined process that helps reduce time and minimize risk

Production Enhancement Solutions

Production Enhancement Solutions

Prolong production and maximize value from your maturing assets

LIQUID STONE Cementing System

LIQUID STONE™ Cementing System

Simplify cementing operations

Mechanical Pipe Cutter

Mechanical Pipe Cutter™

Optimize P&A pipe-cutting operations, remove logistical constraints, and mitigate environmental risks

Harpoon Cut and Pull Spear

Harpoon™ Cut and Pull Spear

Remove casing in a single trip and reduce non-productive time